When Mobility Meets Mass Transit

Coming soon, to a city near you, may be a way to download an app that allows you to call for a taxi, get the information on the specific car and driver, track its approach to you — all before you ever enter it — with the use of an iPhone app.  The app is called Get Taxi, and it’s been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in Tel Aviv and is also in use in London. We are all familiar with paying by app or cell phone for parking through various services such as ParkNOW!, or paying for reserved parking through ParkHub, but so far, park and ride apps and pay for transit apps have not made it to the US.  That is about to change.  Around the globe, the use of mobile applications and integrations, whether for reservations, service requests or payment through apps, credit cards, NFC (Near Field Communications) and more is growing.  In this BMW-sponsored article, some of the more popular international services are highlighted.  And none seem nearly as amazing as they would have just a year ago.  So you know it’s only a matter of a brief time until they are just “business as usual” for us too!  Of course, at S4C, we are scouting for our next best-in-class client.  When we find it, we will let you know first! To read the full article and see photos, click here.