Tactical Urbanism: Grassroots Urban Renewal

David Burrows / Shutterstock.com

They call it Tactical Urbanism — efforts by small groups or individuals to improve the local quality of life.  “These small-scale interventions are characterized by their community-focus and realistic goals. Maybe the most widespread of these tactics is the annual Park(ing) Day, in which parking spaces are turned into temporary park spaces.”  So says Mike Lyndon, a principal of Street Plans Collaborative, an urban planning firm that is responsible for publishing the Tactical Urbanism Handbook.  The book contains a wealth of information to assist those who are interested in undertaking some kind of project, and also has a Facebook page where interested readers can “meet”.  Equally interesting though is the historical perspective provided, with examples of analogous activities going back to the 16th century in France. As you peruse the hundreds of examples of Tactical Urbanism, what strikes most is how diverse the projects can be.  In Miami, a “chair bombing” day has folks placing Adirondack chairs arbitrarily in Bayfront Park to create “random moments of urbanism”.  Compare that to the “guerrilla scupture” in a small Yorkshire town in England, where artists have carved exquisite and complex sculptures of the trees.  Other examples can include the truck farms that have taken root in multiple US cities (see an earlier Featured Idea), or the vigilante crosswalk painting that citizens undertook in Baltimore to ensure safe street crossings.  There is plenty for everyone.  for a great recent article on Tactical Urbanism, click here.