Retained Solutions Search

Retained Solutions Search

Often, city leaders are challenged by intractable problems that either are new and must be solved urgently, or are chronic and seemingly un-solvable.  Many of these issues can be solved by either finding and implementing new technologies, or by re-purposing existing technology.  But with shrinking budgets and staff, the resources to scour the marketplace or innovation arena is unavailable.  Solutions 4 Cities can likely help.  We have our ear to the ground on a daily basis, looking for the ways that cities across the globe are addressing challenges, and thinking about how new solutions can be used by US cities to make a difference.

By outsourcing those research needs, your city can have the benefit of “feet on the ground” looking for the most innovative, cost-effective way to solve your issue. We are able to do highly focused searching for solutions. Because we are not mere order takers, but committed thinkers who are already inclined to dig up the latest and greatest ideas, we can find multiple ways to address a problem; those solutions might come in the form of new ways of doing the same thing, or a novel approach to getting the end result by doing something completely different.

The budget, timeline and scope of the search are determined in advance and in partnership — this is not a cookie cutter program. It is like hiring a crack R&D team to solve a specific concern in the most efficient possible way. Contact us to discuss your goals.  No obligation, no pressure, no cost.

Featured Solutions

If you just want some new ideas, or the inspiration of fresh perspectives, view any of the following resources.  We are on a quest, and it is our pleasure to share our discoveries with you.

Featured Solutions: View newly added best practices, new technologies, interesting approaches and more.  Updated on a regular basis.

Solutions4Cities on Facebook: Postings of news and stories of fascinating updates on cities across the globe and how they are confronting today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.  “Like us” if you find the page interesting.

Cities At Work (coming soon): Articles on and Interviews with Mayors and  other city leaders on how they are creating the best of their cities.  Coming in first quarter 2012.