Procurement Assistance

Bringing Your New Solution to Your City

Having found a solution or a possible solution, it is critical to ensure that you choose the proper vendor and best configuration for it — and that you do it in full compliance with laws and regulations, and in such a way that the city’s customers receive the very best iteration of that solution.  Do you need to issue an RFP or RFB to procure it?  Is it sole source? What is the price range and what creative financing appraches may be available?  What technical options do you need and which are extraneous? We can help.  For those solutions we represent, as well as those we find under retained search projects, we ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the solution and the competitive landscape in which it exists.  Through that active process of research and information synthesis, we are positioned to make recommendations about how to  adapt the solution to your needs, what technical specs should be included in your procurement, what the costs may be (or should be) and more.  Contact us to discuss procuring your new solution.