Future-Based Strategy

hot-cityHigh-performance government and breakthrough results begin with outstanding strategy.  Strategy is still elusive to all kinds of organizational leaders — even the CEOs of top companies struggle with ensuring they have a great strategy and the ability to execute it.

Cities have the same problem, but in some ways it’s tougher, because our democracy means less autonomy, and less predictability to the transfer of authority.  Plus, cities can never take a break to “work on strategy”.  Life goes on and city services must be delivered.  Yet inside of all of that, great results come only from great strategy.

Strategy from the future is different from every other process related to planning.  Working from the future starts from a vision, not from a track record.  It builds upon a vision and creates the capacities and context for extraordinary accomplishment and real enterprise-wide transformation. Solutions4 Cities is expert in future-based strategy; And we are expert on cities and their challenges and opportunities.  Shouldn’t your city have a strategy that maps the way to fulfillment of its visionary future?  If so, contact us.