Cohesive Teams

public workThe conventional model of the local government is a series of separate and occasionally sub-optimal silos — each department working very hard on its own area of responsibility with little understanding or contact with any other.

In today’s world, that no longer works to provide the service that customers both expect and deserve.  Moreover, it can undermine the ability of a city to reach its technological, environmental or sustainable potential.  That’s because even if your organizational culture can tolerate that separation, new technologies and the way they must interconnect cannot.

But how can your organization alter that destiny?

Solutions 4 Cities provides disruptive consulting and change programs that will bust open the status quo and allow your organization to break down the walls that separate silos.  These programs include the very best of new organizational thinking, assessment tools, coaching, training and more.  All of our engagements are completely customized, because we know that while cities may share characteristics in common, each and every locality and organization — not to mention, every citizenry — is completely unique.  So our proposals are also completely unique.

To learn more about how your city team can become a truly integrated, cohesive and high-performance working unit, contact us.