Jennifer Pahlka of Code for America, at TED: Coding a better government

In the video below, Jennifer Pahlka, the Founder of Code for America, discusses the immense possibility that technology offers for government.  As part of her February 2012 TED presentation she distinguishes the difference between politics and government, addressing the national contempt for the former, versus the immense possibility offered by and expected of the latter.  This video is of utmost importance to government leaders and citizens alike, especially those in cities.  Pahlka points out  in the clearest possible terms what the new paradigm of government  — one based on the model of the Internet itself — can make available to individuals, families, organizations and the world.  By adopting the openness of the Internet, using the wisdom of crowds and opening access to data, government can truly be by the people, of the people and for the people; accomplishing those very things that we cannot do well individually, but which collectively, can be done superbly.