Consulting for Business

Along with our representation of our client businesses, we provide consulting services to businesses.  Consulting services are available without a representation contract.  Among the ways that we can help are:

  • Strategy Development
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Ongoing Advisory Services
  • Product/Service Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Proposal Development (especially to RFP, RFI, etc.)

From the standpoint of history, the greatest skill that we have is our ability to learn new industries and enterprises, and to view them strategically, in the context of their long-term visionary future.  That know-how works in every kind of organization that wants to achieve extraordinary goals.  Whether yours is a city or a technology company, an NGO or a non-profit, if you have big goals and want to accomplish them in an unprecedented fashion, our consulting services will make an invaluable difference.  So although we focus on technology and cities, and how they interact, being experts in strategy and breakthrough results is always in the background, and can always come tot he foreground.  Usually, technology is a piece of the puzzle, not the solution.  Being able to understand the whole puzzle makes us your most powerful partner!

Contact us to see if we can help you.  No obligation, cost or pressure to chat.